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Book Marketing that Won't Cost an Arm and a Leg:
- Scheduling your bookstore talk; Getting people there
- More Publicity

Manuscript Preparation

Considerations in Using Photos

The Right Size for Your Book

How many pages is this thing going to be?

Book Covers

Book Cover Design

Copyediting standards

What are the Core Skills required by an Indexer?

Introduction to the Articles: Helping the Publishing Process — Saving You Money

We hope these articles (listed below) will assist you in your publishing project, make the process more efficient and, therefore, economical, and continue to provide value into the future.

Your publishing project will best be implemented through an effective partnership between you and One World Press. There is work that you are the best person for — e.g. preparing the first draft of any content. These articles may assist in doing such work most effectively. We will carry out all the other work that is more technical, or that simply is enormously more cost effective for you, when put in our hands.

Why do we offer this information?

A very reasonable question that has come up a few times is, "Why would you provide the equivalent of a large amount of consultation time for free?" The answer is that the benefit for you is also a benefit for us. Everybody wins.

We offer a very distinctive service because of the depth and range of knowledge we bring to your project. Frankly, the "one-stop-shop" is a very rare bird in this business. But by giving you even more value and unique work with this free information, we distinguish ourselves even further from our competition.

And then, rather than doing the work that may be new for you but routine for us, we get the benefit of doing the more interesting, esoteric, high-end work. We enjoy our work more. So yes, in full honesty, we benefit too. But this then turns back into a benefit for you of even further value, because the money you pay us goes mostly to powerful, high-level work rather than more routine matters that you or your staff could take care of.

So the answer is, we educate you in how to do the fundamentals because, this way, we both win. It’s clearly better, all around, to enumerate the basics. Then you can go thru them to see which ones may be useful to you.

Just starting

New articles will be added roughly at the rate of one per week.