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by Nadine Goodman

This book is intended to provide helpful hints on detoxifying your body instead of spending a lot of money and time being diagnosed for a disease or other malady and having a treatment prescribed.

The author has tried each of these methods at various points in her life, with beneficial effects. She writes from these experiences. Each of the methods described in these pages is a natural, non-prescription way to cleanse one’s body of toxins -- the poisons created in your body due to unhealthy stimuli in our environment. We all need to clean out ourselves constantly. Parasites cannot infect a healthy body.

“Detoxing” in this day and age connotes the process which smokers, users of all types of drugs, or an alcohol abuser goes through to clean his or her body of a harmful substance and to rid his or herself of dependence or addition to that substance. But there are many other toxins in our modern society that can negatively affect our health, from air pollution to processed foods, white flour, artificial-sweeteners and preservatives, impurities in our drinking water, microwaves, power lines, new carpets, building materials, negative thoughts, and stress from being around toxic people.

This book is meant to provide ways to wash or draw out these impurities, to restore health, balance and feelings of well being. When the body is balanced, it provides no host area for parasites, viruses, fungi, or bacteria to exist.

One final note: The author is not suggesting that a person suffering from a disease should not consult a physician. Her point is merely that you don’t automatically have to seek a doctor’s diagnosis for every ailment. Home cures can often help. There is no better guard against disease that a health, well balanced body – spiritual, mental, and physical, combined with a joyful, optimistic outlook.

The author was able to reverse serous degeneration of her body through the methods described in these pages. We trust they will work for you too.


It is with great pleasure that I introduce Nadine’s exciting booklet. In easy to understand wording, she shares her experiences and ideas about how we can achieve optimum health. This is certainly a refreshing compilation on down-to –earth ideas. Enjoy.”
Philip Minton, M.D.

Congratulations, Nadine. This is an unusual almanac of multiple, effective, homespun remedies for the self-sufficient do-it-yourselfers. This information will fill the void created by ‘two aspirin and a phone call in the A.M’.”
Donald E. Soli, MD

Nadine Goodman’s FIVE DOZEN WAYS TO DETOXIFY YOUR BODY is a little treasure trove of health promoting tools. The simple techniques that use substances found in the kitchen or health foods store have been around for many years (millennia) and have helped thousands of people. These are good tricks to remember.”
Michael L. Gerber, M.D., H.M.D.

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Five Dozen Ways to Detoxify Your Body
By Nadine Goodman
ISBN: 978-0-9644958-3-8
48 Pages, 5.5" x 8.5"

Five Dozen Ways to Detoxify Your Body eBook
By Nadine Goodman
ISBN: 978-1-938043-01-7
48 Pages, 5.5" x 8.5"
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