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Endorsements for One World Press..


Dear Bala & Dasya,

You know, I never could have pulled off the production of my books, "Contemporary Lampworking" and "Formed of Fire" without the help of OneWorld Press.

You guys did a great job of handling all the details that would have certainly escaped my attention and exceeded my level of expertise. It was really valuable to work with someone who could speak plain English to me (albeit with a New Jersey accent) and also communicate clearly with the whole chain of command in the production and delivery process. Once the project was in your hands, I always knew it would get handled smoothly right up to the final arrival of books at my door. Now that my books are so successful, I know I can count on One World Press to handle reprints in a timely fashion when I need them.

Thank you,
Bandhu Scott Dunham
Salusa Glassworks,,

Hi Guys,

I am very happy with the printing of my client's book, "A History of Veterinary Medicine in Arizona." The book has a very nice feel to it and the author couldn't have been happier. I look forward to our next project.

Thank you,
Becky Fulker
Kubera Book Design,,

Dear Joe,

I am very happy with the way the last printing of my book turned out. The book has a very nice feel to it. Clients and colleagues are both very impressed.

Tom Bohager
Enzymedica, Inc.,

Dear Joe

I have always found you both very easy to work with. You are on the money when it comes to detail, and your timing is right on the nose.

Please keep up the good work, you have my endorsement.

Kind Regards,
Toby Coriell President
VP Consultants Inc.

Hi Joe!

We'll be reordering the "Heaven" book in a couple of months…your new Web site is great!

After terrible experiences with two other printers, finding One World
Press was like a miracle. Their scrutiny of every possible detail disclosed a discrepancy between our discussions and the press-ready disc prepared by a graphic artist, which I assumed had been done perfectly. I thoroughly enjoyed our close working relationship and am thrilled with their two printings of my book - I've definitely found The Best Printer!

Suzanne Ward
Matthew Books,,