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Complete, integrated book publishing services.


We realize that as an author you are very busy. You have better things to think about then how to format the pages of your book. So we offer you professional book-page composition.

If your manuscript is in Microsoft Word we'll take care of all the rest. If not, we can help you to translate it into Word.

We will re-format your manuscript and layout each page in an attractive and readable page style. Every page will be professionally designed and laid out by our book compositor. This includes all the front matter such as the copyright page, table of contents etc. We will discuss your preferences for its appearance. Then we'll present you with several different page layout styles for you to choose from.

This may include:
  • Running headers or footers
    The verso (left hand side) header may contain the book's title and page number and the recto (right hand side) may contain the chapter title and page number.
  • Centered or thumb edge page numbers
  • Chapter title pages including a graphic design
    These pages usually do not contain any running header and most often start on the recto page
  • Justified body copy
  • The ends of the body copy are aligned right and left
  • Head and foot margins
    This is the uniform space that is both above and below the body copy on each text page
  • Inside and outside gutter margins
    The margin (space) between the body copy and the bound edge of the page is usually referred to as the ‘gutter'. The margin (space) between the body copy and the unbound edge of the page is usually referred to as the ‘outside margin'.
  • Half tone positions on each page
  • Footnote or endnotes
  • Indented quotations