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Online distribution available to 95% of the 6000 bookstores in the US & UK

This is the very fertile area in which to sell books. All of these stores are conveniently placed around the country. This also makes buying your book very convenient. We can have your title listed in the databases of all the major bookstore chains. In fact simply having you book in the database is a very easy matter to accomplish.

There are 2 national bookstore chains. They are Barnes & Noble and Borders. There are regional chains like Hastings, and BooksAMillion. Then there is, of course, Amazon. In 2007 the total sales of books in the USA was about $39.65 Billion. The chains account for about 70% of that volume.

Here is a last of distributors for the US & UK

Baker & Taylor
Barnes & Noble

UK (retailer)
Bertrams (wholesaler)
Blackwell (library supplier)
Book Depository (Amazon Marketplace)
Coutts (library supplier)
Dawson (library supplier)
Gardners (wholesaler)
Mallory International (wholesaler)
Paperback Bookshop (Amazon Marketplace)*

There are also about 150 additional distributors in the US, ranging in size and market niche.

We will upload a digital copy of the text and cover into this database. Once uploaded, it can be found by any store who searches for it. Once they place an order for your book its on its way to them in no time.

There is no problem in getting your book listed in any of these brick and mortar stores. There is a challenge, which everyone faces. This is how to drive customers into the stores and online to purchase your book. We'll talk about that later in these sections:

  • Regular strategic planning sessions
  • Grassroots Marketing Instruction
  • Media Consulting