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Broadcast Media Campaigns

The best place to start is with a balanced evaluation of the market. You would begin by making a list of all the broadcast media outlets come to mind. You can weed the list out later. The important thing is to begin the brain storming process. By media outlets I mean:

  • Television stations
  • Television production companies
  • Documentary production companies
  • TV & Movie Commercial production companies
  • Cable stations
  • Radio stations
  • Movie Studios
    • Major Studios
    • Independent Studios
All of the above categories are accessible on a local as well as a national level

Your purpose here is to create a list to which you will phone, mail and email a query. This letter or conversation should be brief.

Firstly you are trying to find out what programs and project are out there that would be a good match for your title. This can be a maze of great complexity.

Do your homework. Get in touch with stations, agents, independents and even the studios themselves. Find out how best to navigate it all. Ask questions. Introduce yourself as an author with a new book. Mention the book title and subject matter You are trying to ascertain the programs or projects they might know about which might be a good fit to receive a copy of your book.

Do not send the book blind. That is, do not address your correspondence to DEAR PRODUCTION MANAGER. Do your homework and find out the name of the editor, agent, clearing house and contact them personally This goes a long way to building relationship. Relationships sell books. Do the same for each station and studio.

Here's the golden question to ask each and every time!

Regardless of whether they can help you or not always ask, “Do you know of anyone else who might be able to help me?

Experience has shown us that you need to try many different tactics. Each one must stay true to your strategy. The only way to remain on task is through rigorous review. We bring a quality of bulldog determination to keeping you on course.

Regular meetings are the key

We realize that you have an enormous amount of work to do. We realize that sometimes things can fall through the cracks. We are committed to keeping you on course.

That's what we are here for!

Making a commitment to having regularly scheduled meetings and reviews can make the difference between success and failure.