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Personal speaking engagements and book signings

Speaking and signing engagements are excellent events to schedule for several reasons...

  • Create retail sales.
    • Here is another opportunity to make a greater profit on your self published book.
  • Meeting your customers face to face.
    • These are the people you wrote the book for. They can be an invaluable source of inspiration as well as feedback on what you might consider doing better or different the next time. Don't forget to collect a list of names and address for your future marketing efforts
  • Build a reputation as an expert in your field.
    • The more talks you give the more you are creating the perception of being the EXPERT in your field. This is something that you can use to your advantage at each step along the way. Booking your next talk becomes easier as you can cite all the places at which you have already spoken.
  • Attract and generate media attention.
    • Each time you get a speaking or signing engagement make sure you list it on your website. Also send an announcement to all the media contacts you have bben collecting. Newspapers as well as radio stations.
Here are some possible places to consider:
  • Your church
  • Your child's school
  • All the libraries within fifty miles of your home
  • All the bookstores within fifty miles of your home
  • Any special interest groups that are complementary to your books subject matter
  • Any fairs or festivals
  • Renting a booth at local trade shows

Here's the golden question to ask each and every time!

Regardless of whether they can help you or not always ask, “Do you know of anyone else who might be able to help me?

Experience has shown us that you need to try many different tactics. Each one must stay true to your strategy.

The only way to remain on task is through rigorous review. We bring a quality of bulldog determination to keeping you on course.

Regular meetings are the key

We realize that you have an enormous amount of work to do. We realize that sometimes things can fall through the cracks. We are committed to keeping you on course.

That's what we are here for!

Making a commitment to having regularly scheduled meetings and reviews can make the difference between success and failure.