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Complete, integrated book publishing services.

Regular strategic planning sessions

Our marketing consulting service has many different aspects. For any marketing strategy to work well it must contain a multi prong approach. There is no one single answer to HOW DO I SELL MY BOOK?

What is essential is to do what works and abandon what does not work

By financially measuring the success of each effort we can decide which to keep. Not every effort will be a home run. We do not need to hit a home run each time. That is, we do not need for each effort be incredibly successful. Certainly we will not succeed at everything!

The idea is to achieve minimal success with a number of different efforts

This will create overall success. Yes a home run is great! But getting to first base over and over again will also score runs. And that is certainly easier than a home run.

Many people experience success with certain marketing efforts. But over time they grow tired of the same program. Soon they lose interest in it. Even though there was financial success! They tire of the repetitive nature of seeing the same thing over and over again.

Experience has shown us that you need to try many different tactics

Each one must stay true to your strategy. The only way to remain on task is through rigorous review. We bring a quality of bulldog determination to keeping you on course.

Regular meetings are the key

We realize that you have an enormous amount of work to do. We realize that sometimes things can fall through the cracks. We are committed to keeping you on course.

That's what we are here for!

Making a commitment to having regularly scheduled meetings and reviews can make the difference between success and failure.