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Web Design and Implementation

“Build it and they will come!” It's a great storyline for a movie. In reality, you need to do much more work beyond creating a website. Just creating a website does not in itself create sales. There is much more to it then that. It is not as easy as the common logic of today's marketplace implies.

Building an EFFECTIVE web site is one of the most useful and profitable things you can do

Once your book has its own web site you can make retail sales. This is where you will receive the full retail price for you book. The production of your book will cost you only a fraction of the retail price. The difference between your cost and the retail price is pure profit! Not bad given some of the alternatives.

Most bookstores will require a 40% discount to carry your book

This includes the right to return unsold, but not unhandled books back to you. This could be a problem.

A distributor may require anywhere from a 50% to 65% discount

This is a discount off the cover price. Also they will have the right to return unsold copies. The current return rates can run from 20% to 30%. Another problem!

Returned books cannot be sold as new! They have been handled. Sometimes, in the shipping process they also can get damaged. Another problem!

You may also have to wait 60 to 180 days to receive full payment. Another problem!

It's highly profitable to sell books through your website. You will receive payment immediately. Either by credit card or by check. You then just take the book out of the box and put them into the mail. Clean and simple, no problem!

If you do not have a website we can help you design and create one

Here are some points for your consideration:

  • Design
  • Ease of navigation
  • Content
  • Optimization
  • Fitting it into your marketing strategy