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We pay attention to make sure that the printed color photograph meets your expectations.

We will make the printed piece look as good or better then the original. Color correcting is something we offer to help in this area. Sometimes this means adjusting the color saturation. Sometimes we adjust the mixture of the basic colors of cyan, magenta, yellow and black. We will do this in order to achieve a balanced look.

We offer two forms of color proofing

The first and most popular is called a “dry” proof, which is a digital color proof

This usually comes within 3-5% of looking exactly as the printed piece will look. It is called “dry” because it is digitally printed. Not on a press which uses ink and water to produce the image.

The second is called a “wet” proof

It is printed on a press to simulate actual press run conditions. We use this if you are seeking 100% accuracy with the proofs. There is quite a cost difference between the two.

The ultimate proof is an on-site press check

This consists of traveling to the printers. Then checking and approving the first printed sheets for each form. You would work with the pressman to achieve exactly what you want. If there are critical color issues then you might consider a press check. These may include skin tones, jewelry, or metallic surfaces such as cars and appliances.

The two most difficult color options to reproduce are iridescences and fluorescents

These require a fifth and sometimes a sixth color beyond the basic four. One of the answers to printing unique colors is to print with a matching ink. We use the Pantone Matching System [PMS color]. If you print with special ink(s) you can create any effect you desire.