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A dummy book is a sample book

It is manufactured by the printer as a service to his clients. It serves as a sample of the final product that they will manufacture. It is made to the same trim size as that of your book. The value of this service is in the questions that it will answer.

Sometimes there are concerns about the feel and look of your final product

How does the weight of the paper work with the trim size? Is the cover material compatible with your paper selection and thickness of the book. It is especially useful for hard cover and gallery editions (coffee table books). This is a free service that we provide to all our clients upon request.

There can be a great deal of effort that goes into planning of your book.

The strategy and design of each book project can be quite complex. In the planning of any large book project there is usually a lot of discussion. This centers around the proposed book design, its physical look and feel.

All of that discussion is just guessing.

It doesn't really mean anything unless you see a finished product. It's just words against a sample of what the book will actually look like. It is the ultimate decider. The discussion will change once people see what the book will look like. It takes all the guesswork out of the design process. There is a great advantage to having a real-time sample in front of you. This make it is a simple matter to evaluate your design decisions. You can literally see the direction that they have taken you.