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There are many different grades of earth-friendly recycled papers available. Each contains different percentages of post consumer waste (the core of recycling).

Soy based inks are not something new to the industry and are readily available. All the printers with whom we do business have large selections of both recycled paper and soy based inks.

We can use paper with the highest percentages possible of recycled and sustainably harvested fibers, processed without the use of chlorine or chlorine derivatives.

Bleaching without chlorine or chlorine compounds results in a much less polluting paper making process.

Most recycled papers are visibly nearly indistinguishable from non-recycled "virgin" papers

They will generally have a lower brightness than most virgin stocks.

NOTE: You can also choose to have us add the appropriate tagline to your job when you place your order. Simply let us know.

Sustainably Harvested Virgin Fiber

No matter how well we recycle, there will always be the need for virgin fiber in the paper industry. Both trees and non-wood fibers are cultivated for paper making around the world.

The United States paper industry is structured almost entirely around wood as the source of fiber. This has resulted in the decimation of our old growth forests. Even today, old growth forests continue to be clear cut to make paper.

Non-wood fiber cultivation, when done sustainably, is an excellent source of virgin pulp for papermaking. Fiber yield from non-wood fiber cultivation appears to be higher than that from tree farms (as infrastructure around pulping non-wood fibers develops, we will get a clearer understanding of exactly how the non-wood fiber yield compares to that of a tree farm).

Recently, some United States forests have undergone a sustainable harvest certification process overseen by the highly regarded Forest Stewardship Council (FSC), a non-profit set up to spread the use of sustainable practices in forestry worldwide.

Non Wood Fiber Products

Paper containing non-wood fiber is coming of age and there are papers on the market which meet the criteria of quality, cost competitiveness, and environmental responsibility. If you are interested in non-wood fiber paper, please contact us. The product offerings are rapidly evolving, with new products.