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Looking in any bookstore you will see that most books are printed in black & white. They consist of just text without any halftones or photos. They are printed on offset paper, which is standard in the industry. The weight of book text paper can vary greatly. From tissue thin for a bible to many times that weight. Color images are usually printed on heavy coated art paper.

We have experience in printing all types of books.

For color work we usually recommend an 80# or 100# coated text sheet. An 80# coated sheet is a very reliable sheet for color work. It has more heft then common catalog stock and communicates a more professional image. A 100# coated text sheet printed with a color image is in a class by itself. This is the usual choice for gallery books. Where the dramatic effect of the presentation in the main concern.

For most work we recommend a 50# or 60# bright white text sheet.

For page counts under 200 we usually use a 60# sheet. This will increases the bulk of the spine. It also adds to the overall feel and weight of the book. For black & white photos, a 60# sheet is best. It has the opacity and brightness to carry the ink. No one wants to see the photo on the next page through the page. The cost difference is minimal while the effect is more pleasant to the eye.