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We'll show you a proof at each step along the production process

This is one of the systems that we have to guarantee your complete satisfaction. We will submit a proof for your approval on every aspect of your job. You will see text proofs before we go to press. You will see color proofs of your cover before we go to press.

We will always show you a proof before we proceed to the next step

The same is true with any changes or corrections. This is how we can guarantee your total satisfaction with the finished product.

Nothing is left to chance or assumption

This is the backbone of our professionalism. Our main concern is that you get the product that you want.

You will always have enough time to review the proofs completely

Before anything is even sent to be proofed you will review it. We will take the time to make sure this happens. All the materials being proofed will have been reviewed by you. This guarantees the highest quality and the least amount of changes.

From text proofs to color cover proofs, they are all included in our price

There are never any charges for initial proofs, whether color or black & white. One set of text and color cover proofs is included in our price. If we are printing a color text you will have two options. One is called a dry proof which is a digital proof. The other is called a wet proof which is actually a press proof. These will be included in the price.