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Complete, integrated book publishing services.


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Free written quotes, confirmations and guarantees

Professional graphic arts services
Interior page design and layout for your approval
Cover design services starting with your direct input to the artist
Dummy Books, displaying your specific paper and cover stock

Binding: Paperback and Cloth bound (Hard Cover) Books with or without Dust Jackets

Print-on-demand (POD) facilities, 1 to 500 copies

Long and short press runs, 500 to 1,000,000+ runs

Inks and Paper - coated and uncoated paper, in all sizes and weights

Color Photo Matching and balancing

Full color and black & white proofing of text and cover included

Earth-friendly recycled paper & soy inks available

Door-to-door delivery included

Ocean freight and all US Customs documentation and clearance included

Lamination and spot varnishing services available for covers as well as text pages

Color Printing on cover or text up to 10 colors

Professional copy editing, indexing, and proof reading

ISBN Assignment & bar code production
ISBN - Details

Library of Congress Cataloging In Process (CIP DATA)
CIP - Details

Copyright registration

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