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Complete, integrated book publishing services.


We realize that your book is of great importance to you.

It's like your baby. We want you to know that you can trust us. We treat each and every book that we produce with the highest attention to detail. We treat each book as if it were our only book.

I remember many years ago when I was working in New York City. I was with a large and very busy printing company. We were always extremely rushed going from one job to the next. There was a saying in the production office. “There is never enough time to do every job right. But, there is always enough time to do them over.” This was one thing that really stuck with me.

We take the time to pay attention to all the details and do it right the first time

With all the steps that are involved in the production process there are many opportunities for mistakes to happen. Once something goes wrong it can snowball into a very large problem, very quickly. That's where our experience puts us a step ahead.

We have systems in place that do not let us proceed to the next step without your approval

If something needs to be corrected or changed it can be identified and fixed before it becomes a problem. This guarantees you that we will produce the book that you are looking for. This has saved us from many catastrophes.

We cultivate our ability to listen

We listen to how you want your book to turn out. Your expectations become our road map.


With all the horror stories that you hear these days you have to wonder. Isn't there anybody willing to stand behind their word?

We do!

Even with all the attention that we pay to details, mistakes occasionally do happen. Let's face it, after all, we're only human. As printers and publishers, our mistakes are in print for all to see. There's no hiding behind any fancy rhetoric. If there is a mistake we will get to the bottom of it and correct it.

We are committed to do whatever is necessary to fix any mistakes that happen

We will immediately address whatever problems or concerns you have. We will stay in contact with you until they are resolved to your satisfaction. We will work to make the situation workable.

We realize that your book project is not a small investment

The amount of money, energy, and time that you have put into it is priceless. If a problem happens we will be there with you to sort it out. We will not leave you in the lurch without anywhere to turn.

Others may talk about complete customer satisfaction but we actually give it to you!

For us, at One World Press, it is a matter of giving you more than you expect. We will go the extra mile to straighten out any problems that might occur. You have our word on that. Your complete satisfaction is our number one concern. Period.