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First, you don't have to convince anybody that your book should be published.

It is all up to you. If you want to publish your book then you publish it. If this is a difficult decision you may want to re-thing the entire endeavor. No one else shares the enthusiasm that you have for your own book. It just doesn't make sense to give the final say to a someone else. Other people have different intentions, interests, and priorities from your own. Self-publishing gives you total control.

Second, if your book fills an existing void that's great.

You should be able to create a demand for it. You will make much more money than you would with a standard publishing contract. Usually royalties are 5 to 10% of the discounted distributors price. This could work out to about 3.5% of the cover price. Self-publishers make 20 to 80% of the cover price. Once your self-published book is successful, you can negotiate with a larger publisher. There is nothing like negotiating from a position of experience and strength.

Third, you can see your book in print very quickly.

It could take anywhere from a few weeks, to at most a few months. Major publishers often work on a 1 to 2 year production cycle. Let's face it that is just too long to wait!

Fourth, you can get distribution to 95% of ALL THE BOOKSTORES IN AMERICA.

These include and just to name a few. You can have this kind of distribution just as easily as the major houses.

Fifth, you have the opportunity to preserve your own heritage.

It could be for your community or club, this is an inexpensive and quality format. Not everyone publishes to make a profit. Maybe you just want to leave a legacy with your family. Maybe you want share what you have learned with others. Your offspring and relatives will appreciate a perfectbound book with a color cover. It could be about your childhood or war experiences or travel adventures. It is far better than a musty photo album and loose doublespaced pages of manuscript.

Sixth, you can produce your book professionally and economically through One World Press.

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