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Book design, editing, printing, binding, marketing.

Complete, integrated book publishing services.



We know what it is we are buying for you. We are able to translate all the different manufacturing offers into basic components. We can compare apples to apples and make the best informed buying decisions.

We buy book printing products and services every day. We keep a sharp lookout for the myriad of things that can go wrong. From the wrong weight of the paper to the incorrect binding process. It's our job to insure that your book turns out better then you expected.


We start with manuscript editing. This could be simple copy editing. It will make your manuscript more easy to read and understand. It may extend to a deeper and more complex level of editing. This is where we focus on clarifying and reorganizing your presentation. We can help your ideas or story line flow more smoothly. This will make them easier to understand for your reader.


Our book compositor will re-format your manuscript. They will make it into a professionally designed page layout. Simultaneously another artist is designing both the front and back covers or dust jacket. Covers have to be designed taking into account particular size and bleed specifications. They also include a spine width which will vary. This depends on the final page count, the paper weight and how it's bound.


We prepare the book for the printer. The digital file must be in a specific platform that they can work with. We will manage the scheduling process. This includes proofs, possible corrections, and turn around time on these corrections. We also take care of paper selection, press time, and bindery time. If there are any extra steps in the production process, we'll schedule those also. These extra steps could include colored end sheets, or head and foot bands. A cloth cover may require gold or silver stamping. A paperback cover might need film lamination or spot varnishing. Arranging for case binding, shrink wrapping, and special packaging all need to be noted.


Then we make the arrangements for trucking the final product to possibly several destinations. We will also prepare the paperwork and scheduling for any ocean freight delivery. This also means taking your books through US Customs, including any fees. We will also arrange for over-the-road trucking delivery from there. Not to mention advanced copies or other individual requirements that make your job unique.


To orchestrate this complex process effectively is very difficult. Doing it competently requires skills that are considered both an art and a science.

So we offer you 'complete, integrated book publishing services'!

Imagine just talking to us, and never having to think about these thousand details. At One World Press we look after all of this for you.

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